Zombie Sniper 2018-Tizen Mobile Game FPS


Zombie Sniper 2018 is a zombie shooting game. Its a full of action and you need to act quickly. It’s an FPS game.

This challenging action game is about defending the civilians from the zombies. You are set to a safe place and equipped with a powerful sniper rifle.

In the game, zombies have spread everywhere and hunting the people. Your job is to kill the zombies and save the people. There is a timer ticking on the screen and you have to complete the level within the time limit.


Your shoot the zombies with your accurate shooting skills. Killing the zombie with a head-shot gives you a bonus. So keep shooting at the zombie’s heads and become the best shooter.

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The graphics are very realistic as the blood coming out of the zombies looks very real.

Overall, the game is a good time-pass and you can kill your time. One of the best game on Tizen Store.


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