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3 Best Android Games In September 2019

Tank Stars

Tank Stars is an amazing game developed by PlayeGendary. The game is available both on Android and iOS mobiles. The developers have put a lot of efforts in making it a total fun game. The game lets you enjoy a huge fleet of Tanks. You play online and your only mission is to destroy the opponent’s tank. The game offers you to upgrade your tank and unlock new tanks. 

This is a Turn-Based game where you wait for your turn to launch your weapons on opponent’s tank. You get a lot of weapons from Bombs to Missiles and even Nuke. You just need to target enemy tank and select your weapon to launch it. The animations of explosions are mind-blowing. It’s just a treat to your eyes.

The developers have also integrated the Subscription model. But that Subscription is completely optional. If you want some premium tanks or weapons then you can opt for Subscription. Otherwise, this game is free and Ad-Supported. 

Watch Tank Stars official trailer below.

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Head Ball 2

Head Ball 2 is an addictive soccer game which is available on Android and iOS platforms. In this game, you take on other players in 1 on 1 mode. Once you play this game, it thrills you so much that you keep playing on. The game is totally fun. You can make teams and play online tournaments. You can customize your character with lots of items.

The gameplay of this game is really addictive. You not only hit a goal but also the way your hero animates that is really fun. You can unlock more heroes when you play more games. The interesting part of the game is when you try to kick the ball, you can hit a power. Power could be anything from a Freezing Spell or Fired Up ball.

The game is developed by Masomo Limited. The problematic part of this game is that developers have embedded lots of Ads. They also promote heavily In-App purchases. This irritates the players who are just enjoying the gameplay. But suddenly when you see Ads, it really spoils the fun. It seems that developers are forcing the users to pay to remove the ads and which is not a small amount. Same is happening with In-App purchases. If that is reduced then this could be a more entertaining game.

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Watch Head Ball 2 official trailer below.

Badminton League

Badminton League is another sports game on android but this is not an ordinary game. Its gameplay is amazing. Its controls are super easy to play. It is liked by millions of users. So if you haven’t played this game so far then you must try your hands on it.

In this game, you can play as 1 on 1 or you can just join a tournament. But before going to a big tournament you must upgrade your skills. The game offers you lots of items to upgrade. As you progress in the game, your player learns some new skills.

The game is developed by RedFish Games. They’ve developed a few more games on Android.

Watch Badminton League official trailer below.

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