Myths N Heroes-Tizen Mobile Game

Introduction Myths N Heroes is a simple action game which falls in the genre of Idle games. Now, this is the new kind of genre which is rapidly growing. In this genre, the game goes on without much involvement from the player. The player just needs to manage the revenue streams generated from the game. The […]

VLC for Tizen-Mobiles

VLC for Tizen is a popular media player which is free and open-source. It is available on almost every major platform like iOS, Android, Tizen, Chrome OS and Desktop. VLC uses various types of encoding and decoding libraries but It also uses its own protocol implementations. It can play most of the audio and video […]

Subway Hamster Run-Tizen Game

Subway Hamster Run is an endless runner game. The game lets you run until you get exhausted. There is no end to the game so just play as long as you can. In the game, your player is a tiny hamster who becomes into a large hamster and things around looks small. Before you get […]

Temple Run 2-Tizen Mobile Game

Game Description The game, Temple Run 2, is a 3d endless running game which was initially launched on AppStore. Now, the game is available for Tizen mobile users. The game is a sequel of Temple Run, which was an overnight hit. Temple Run 2 is developed by a team of husband and wife, in the name of […]