Ghost Moto Simulator-Death Ride-Tizen Mobile Game

So you like bike racing but never done it because it’s very dangerous? Is your favorite time of the year Halloween? Do you like action games? If you answered yes to any of those three questions, keep on reading because we have the game for you.

Are you curious to know which game it is? Well, it’s a game created by the company Integer. They welcome you and any gamer to the thrilling world of Halloween with the new game Ghost Moto Simulator – Death Ride

This game is an action-packed one that will keep you entertained for hours! So if you have any doubt in your mind then keep reading this review till the end to know much better about this game.

But what is the game really about? Well in the Ghost Moto Simulator game you get the chance to role-play as the most frightening ghost rider throughout the scary paths of evil death! Isn’t that exciting? The best part is that it is very much like the old classic Halloween games, in the term that while playing you will different challenges that will make playing it very interesting.

Some of the challenges are driving through adventurous road falls and having to cross hanging hurdles. What does this mean? It refers that you will have to keep the balance of your character: the rider, so it doesn’t fall off the bike. In this fast-paced bike racing game, you will have to drive through narrow creepy paths to reach each finishing points and collect points.

Which makes the game better is that it gives you the option to control your bike speed when unexpected hurdles appear in the town you are driving in. this will make the gameplay more enjoyable because you will be having to drive for your life!

So now we will be listing some of the best features of the Ghost Moto Simulator – Death Ride game. Keep reading so you don’t miss any!

  • Simple, easy and intuitive controls.
  • Adventurous hurdles on the road.
  • Stimulating bike stunts.
  • Realistic stunt bike physics.
  • Fun and excitement guaranteed.
  • Addictive ghost rider gameplay.

So are you interested? Keep on reading to learn how to play this very interesting game. The good thing is that a very easy game to play and there are only two controllers that you need to know: tap the right button to accelerate and tap the left button to brake.

This game is pretty straight forward and very easy to get into it. So what are you waiting for? Download this fun game and enjoy playing the super-fast and thrilling Ghost Moto Simulator – Death Ride.


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